Monday, December 6, 2010

Dec 6th Styling Full Figured Women...

*Winner *☆ Meimei Shiu ☆
*Second*☆Aisha Ormega☆
*Third* ☆ntaly Anton ☆
Todays Styling event was one of the many best ones i have seen. The competition was tighter than you wouldnt believe it to be. Our host for this event was Miss Laylah herself. Our first place winner Meimei told the judges that "I am here to send the message for being a full figure woman
 Enjoy the life, adore what you have, cherish the joy your body gives you. Don't be ashamed next time when you're caught with your hand in the cookie jar, just eat the cookie, taste it with your eyes closed, and then say it proudly "I am enjoying my life and I am beautiful!"

To show the curve of my full figure body, I am wearing this Cheongsam set made by Mare, hair styled by Bliss Hair, Oliwia shape by Prowincja, and MixedBlood Honey skin by DrLife.

Thank you to the lovely judge, to Steve and Anrol for everything at CWS, to Laylah for hosting today's event, and to the audience.... xoxo Meimei" The runners up were Aisha Ormega (2nd place winner) and Miss ntaly Anton (3rd place winner). I was one of the most amazing fashion events and this one tops all the others and i wanna say to our winners and everyone who join in for the show. You all did a wonderful job in todays event and i have a great sense that you all made Anrol and Steve, and Laylah proud of every model who join the event. So keep up the good work CWS and i hope to see all of you in tomorrows event and if u wanna know what that event is check the Classic with Style blog or my blog for all the styling events.