Monday, December 6, 2010

" CWS & the blog creating class"

My days at CWS and the U.C.W.S was th best time ever for me to learn more about modeling and being able to impress a client when you go for a casting. The classes are a great for learning basic formations that will be used in different types of fashion shows. The blog creating class tells you all about making and creating your own blog for Classic and why you ask we need blogs, well you need a blog so everyone can be updated on the news. Like when classes and training starts, school schedules for stundents who wanna become true top models. Having a blog is a great thing for models to have everyone can learn some cool or awesome stuff about you or your friends and be able to post anything you want like music, videos, and even pics of your friends,or even yourself. CWS is a great way to start your modeling career with some free basic formation classes with some of classics top trainteers, and another way is to enroll at U.C.W.S to learn more and more about being a modeling, finding the right ao, modifing your body shape to look taller even to walk a fierce runway. So if u wanna be a "True" top model C.W.S is the place to start. The best part about all this is all the new friends and fashionable people you get to met. So if u wanna start modeling take it from CWS is the way to start your career. If u wanna know more about CWS check out our blog for Classic with Style or just im Anrol or Steve anytime there online and if there not online just leave a notecard with your name and any question u might have. Well thats all for my blog i will be posting for styling events and any other things you are into.